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Muse Coaching With Mademoiselle Helenina

How to reconnect with your Inner Goddesses & heal with creativity

1 May
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To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest

My name is Hélène deroubaix, I'm a French mixed media artist and visual poet with photographs.
I've been making mixed media art for more than 5 years and I've learnt so much about myself,my skills & how to empower one's creativity.
I have used art as a way to heal myself and others at the same time.

I have decided to create this first e-classes community of Muse coaching and creative healing in order to help my sisters reconnect with their inner goddess and feel one with the world, feel more balanced and happier with their daily life.

I have always been an empath and have these light energies in me & my aim has always been to spread the Love and hopes to make others more able to find their own path and love themselves.

The first class will be Healing with the Goddesses.

*How to reconnect yourself back to the goddesses & use creative energy to grow as an indivual/woman/artist & feel more present to your life & loved ones by being more in touch with your soul.

This e-courses is dedicated to women who :

-feel stuck in their life and wants to make art but never dare
-needs to heal long past of self doubt/self depreciation and such
-feel there is something missing in their life because they are never in touch with their soul, they don't devote to "soul time"
-wants to grow spiritually and creatively
-who wants to awake their inner muses and meet the artist within
-needs a challenge to boost their creative endeavours and trust more in the work they're creating
-queens of procrastination who needs a real change
-who wants to unlock the creative mind and the fae child spirit.
-women who wants to find more meaning to their existence thanks to making art and expressing their innermost self.

To be welcome to take part to this e-courses that should begun in June till the end of the month.

I will need to receive an email from you with your motivations to take part to the e-courses in which you can talk about:
-yourself(a complete introduction)
-your problems
* Procrastination
* Fears about the creative process/fear of the blank page
* Self sabotage
* Perfectionism
* Difficulty to make time for creative passions
* Difficulty to start or finish projects
* Difficulty to return to creative endeavors
* Overwhelm
* Self-Doubt/ toxic comparison
* Inability to focus
* not knowing one's deeper self & deeper meaning to be here

- tell me about your creative desire and how you'd like to make a positive change in your life. Describe a little bit about what challenges you most often find yourself up against.

the price for the month of July 2009 session is 40 euros for the month
payment via paypal.
But I am also available as a personal muse coach either on a weekly or monthly basis as you wish.
contact me for more info.

the courses will begin on the 1st of July and end up at the end of the month.
But you will receive the very first email in late May so you can prepare the work for the very first week.

How it will work:

*Each monday I will post information about a selected Goddess
whether you can link yourself or not to her, you will welcome the energy & let yourself be inspired by them.
You'll have some questions to answer : Either in a private paper journal & scanned to share with the group here or at the flickr group made especially for this and only for the person who will take part to the group.

Then there will be a creative prompt and you'll have to make art for the next monday.

*each friday you will have a self portrait creative challenge.

All along the week you will be able to submit your art here.
(I'll explain shortly if you need to know how to create a lj and how to use it)
please ask before the session begins. thank you!

to post image you can use flickr or photobucket
(same I can explain how it all works, feel free to ask)

Also as your Muse coach Fae child I am at your disposal if you ever have any questions, doubts, feel insecure,need a booster,feel like talking about something that frustrates you and so forth!
please never hesitate.
there is no worries and no silly questions.

You have to pass a little contract with yourself when you begin this session to make at least one of the artworks required each week.
This is an intensive creative session but it's also a challenge for you to try different things and see what works for you and where you're the most talented/what you prefer to do.

My aim at the end of this e-courses session is not to make you become an accomplished artist but to make you feel more balanced with yourself and your life ,to make you feel more in tune with your sacred feminine and celebrate your uniqueness.
I also want you to begin to developpe your creativity, not abandon your innermost desires to make art & express & reconnect to the goddess within.

This Muse coaching will help you stop procrastinating and push you towards the best of yourself because we're gonna focuse only on the beauty and your skills/potentials.

This coaching will help you find ways to better love yourself by allowing some " me time"/"soul time" and thus improving your life quality by not remaining in frustrations of just being the working woman, the mother, the housewife... and regretting all the things you could have done!

It's never to late to Awake Your Soul & Play with your Inner Fae child!

Welcome sisters!
Here you can post your introduction as a comment:)))

Every word of the courses and prompts is copyrighted and cannot be copied and pasted nor offered to someone.

thanks for understanding and respecting my work and research.